We provide technical analysis and program support for new and existing training and training systems acquisitions. IR’s expertise and experience in Operational Logistics includes integrated logistics solutions and supply chain management, warehouse operations, on-site maintenance, and field support services. To support a diverse array of customer requirements IR has assembled a team of logistics professionals with the requisite knowledge, skills and abilities needed for providing full service logistics support to include armorers, munitions specialists, fleet specialists, property specialists, and training system specialists.

IR is experienced in providing Manpower and Training Analyses, Life Cycle Cost Estimates, Training Methodologies, Curriculum Development and Design, and Technology Infusion. Our analysts have served as civilian educators, military formal learning center instructors, Subject Matter Experts (SMEs), Project Officers, Acquisition Officers, and Technical Writers.

IR has supported logistics management programs for major systems and sub-systems such as training ranges and facilities, communication/electronic equipment, tactical/non-tactical vehicles, ships, combat engineer equipment, shelters, small arms and crew service weapons, and training simulators.