Innovative Reasoning provides comprehensive Program and Project Management support utilizing the internationally recognized Project Management Institute (PMI) standards and practices. Utilizing the processes and procedures of the Project Management Book of Knowledge (PMBOK), Innovative Reasoning develops, analyzes, evaluates, and provides expert, repeatable and reliable recommendations for effective, actionable and integrated Project Management solutions.

The IR approach ensures:

  • Assignment of experienced, qualified, and cross-functional team members to provide seamless, responsive, and technically superior Project Management support across all assigned projects and programs.
  • Use of proven Project Management tools for developing techniques that measure and/or maintain technical, cost, and schedule objectives. These tools include risk management tools, scheduling tools, critical path analysis, and budget management tools.
  • We utilize the proven Integrated Product Team (IPT) approach in order to maintain constant communication and close coordination with our customer from task initiation through to project completion. The use of the IPT processes provides constant integration of feedback throughout task execution to ensure that all projects meet cost, schedule, and technical requirements.
  • During a project's life cycle, IR project managers assess projects utilizing the disciplined Earned Value Management (EVM) process and maintain the project data in IR's EVM Data Tracking System. On smaller projects that do not require the rigor of the formal EVM process, IR implements a simplified EVM process where project value is assigned or “earned” based on the progress of each individual deliverable, and earned value is reported and tracked at the total project level. This simplified EV system allows IR to track variances and performance indexes as measured and reported at the total project level.

Our repeatable and predictive process of Initiating, Planning, Executing, Monitoring & Controlling, and Closing leads to overall program improvements across all of IR’s projects and programs.